Tertiary education and internal migration across Europe

Education, work, economy (socio-economic differences)

March 20, 2023

Miguel González-Leonardo, Aude Bernard, Joan García-Román, Antonio López-Gay

Older adult loneliness on the rise around the world

Population aging is contributing to an increase in loneliness around the world. Lauren Newmyer, Ashton M. Verdery, Haowei Wang, and Rachel Margolis explore loneliness among late-middle-aged and older adults and ... Read more

Racial disparities in the adverse socio-economic outcomes of COVID-19 in the United States

Racial disparities in socio-economic and health outcomes are a topic of concern in the United States. As Deepthi Kolady and Weiwei Zhang show, they have also played a major role ... Read more

Son preference and birth spacing in Pakistan

Rashid Javed and Mazhar Mughal investigate how son preference affects birth spacing in Pakistan. The impact they find is strong, with several negative consequences on the demographic transition of the ... Read more

Life course reproductive dynamics and early menopause in Uganda

Premature drops in estrogen from early menopausal age may increase the risk of disease and death in later life. To understand what influences early menopausal onset, we looked at the ... Read more

Adolescent fertility hampers education. The case of Chile

How does adolescent fertility affect high school completion for boys and girls in Chile? Controlling for socioeconomic and academic selectivity, Viviana Salinas and Valentina Jorquera-Samter find that a teenage mother ... Read more

America’s high homicide rate

America leads advanced developed countries in terms of guns per capita and homicide rates, although with substantial variation by state, gender, and major racial/ethnic groups. Given its policies on police, ... Read more

Did you know?

Births and deaths in China (annually 2012-2021).
The number of births in China is falling even though the one-child policy ended in 2016. China
only recorded 10.6 million births in 2021.
Source: China National Bureau of Statistics.
Chart: Tory Lysik/Axios.

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