Rent liberalization decreased age at marriage in Egypt

Families and households

October 18, 2021

Ragui Assaad, Caroline Krafft, Dominique J. Rolando

Late mothers and late fathers have a first birth with younger partners

Individual characteristics of late parents have been extensively studied in demographic literature, but less is known about the parental couple. As Marie-Caroline Compans shows, looking at fathers and mothers separately, ... Read more

Gendered health burdens and benefits of starting and ending caregiving

What happens to caregivers’ health when they stop caregiving? Damiano Uccheddu, Tom Emery, Nardi Steverink, and Anne H. Gauthier investigate the matter across 17 European countries with an innovative method ... Read more

Minor contribution of migration to urbanization in low- and middle-income countries

In contrast to the prevalent notion that rural-to-urban migration drives urbanization, Ashira Menashe-Oren and Philippe Bocquier find that the role of migration (and reclassification) in urbanization was small between 1985 ... Read more

Spain: a pioneer in gender-equal parental leave

Gender equality in child care can be promoted through individual entitlements to a non-transferable and well-paid leave of equal duration for women and men. While this design is still rare ... Read more

Han Chinese population shares in Tibet: early insights from the 2020 census of China

The early results of the 2020 Census of the People’s Republic of China shed light on the highly politicised issue of Han Chinese population shares in the Tibetan areas of ... Read more

Swiss, elderly, single, and childless. Happy?

Around the world, more and more people age without close kin. Contrary to expectations, however, according to Małgorzata Mikucka, this does not reduce their life satisfaction, or at least not ... Read more

Did you know

76 years since the end of the Second World War, a large portion of the globe is still engulfed in some form of conflict. Countries in which there have been reports of armed clashes involving state forces and/or rebel groups in 2021 (as of July 30).

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