Is morbidity compressing around the globe?

Health and mortality

June 5, 2023

Iñaki Permanyer, Francisco Villavicencio, Sergi Trias-Llimós

Internal migration and the marriage market in China

After quantifying and comparing the intensity of competition in local marriage markets for unmarried (internal) migrants in their hometown and in their destination place, Wanru Xiong finds that in China, ... Read more

Who felt lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic among European older adults?

Feelings of loneliness are not very widespread among European older adults (aged 50 years and over) according to SHARE data. And, surprisingly enough, according to the analysis of Omar Paccagnella, ... Read more

The fertility effect of medically assisted reproduction in Australia

With rising infertility and increasing demand for fertility treatments globally, understanding the role of medically assisted reproduction (MAR) in population demographics and family formation patterns has never been more important. ... Read more

Moroccan and Turkish older migrants in the Netherlands before the COVID-19 pandemic: lonely despite social contacts

Moroccan and Turkish older migrants in the Netherlands frequently feel lonely, not because they lack social relationships, Tineke Fokkema & Marjolijn Das note, but because of poorer health, lower socio-economic ... Read more

A new Longevity Blue Zone in Martinique (France)

Longevity Blue Zones are regions of the world where the population has exceptional longevity. Until recently, four of them had been identified: the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica, and three ... Read more

Kinlessness and loneliness before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pre-COVID literature established that lacking a partner or children was among the risk factors for loneliness among older people. Bruno Arpino, Christine A. Mair, Nekehia T. Quashie, and Radoslaw ... Read more

Did you know?

Attractiveness of OECD countries for potential migrants: highly skilled workers.

New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, and Norway are the most attractive countries for highly skilled migrants in 2023. The United States would have been ranked second if visa policies were not considered.

Note: Values closer to 1(0) represent higher (lower) attractiveness. 
Source: OECD, Migration Policy Debates, N°29, March 2023.

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