Child survival in India: Hindus now catching up with Muslims

Health and mortality

November 28, 2022

Dibyasree Ganguly, Srinivas Goli

Cohabitation matters when studying breakups of couples with different migrant backgrounds

Endogamy (partners of the same geographical origin) is said to lower the risk of marriage dissolution. However, once cohabitation is included in the analysis of Belgian (register) data, Layla Van ... Read more

Women’s economic empowerment in sub-Saharan Africa: what do we know?

The centrality of women’s economic empowerment in achieving the sustainable development goals has attracted high level policy interest. Data limitations impede knowledge of its extent in Africa. Demographic and health ... Read more

The Russian labour market and the Ukrainian war

An interview with Vladimir Gimpelson, director of the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, the Russian Federation. Introduction The Bell is a Moscow ... Read more

The educational hypogamy puzzle in India

Status exchange is a leading factor behind the rising share of educational hypogamy marriages in India (women marrying less educated men), says Koyel Sarkar. Lower caste women aspire to upward ... Read more

Did COVID-19 policies increase inequalities in mental well-being?

Besides its morbidity and mortality effects, COVID-19 gave rise to several non-pharmaceutical policy interventions affecting citizens’ social and economic conditions. Veronica Toffolutti et al. find that these measures negatively affected ... Read more

More equitable sharing of housework facilitates childbearing among dual-income couples

As female labour force participation continues to rise in Taiwan, more women are faced with the dual burden of employment and household responsibilities. Jolene Tan highlights the impact of a ... Read more

Did you know?

Contributions to total population change of the balance of births over deaths and of immigration over emigration, by income group, from 1950-60 to 2040-50.

Over the next few decades, migration will be the sole driver of population growth in high-income countries, as the number of deaths will progressively exceed the number of births. By contrast, for the foreseeable future, population increase in low-income and lower middle-income countries will continue to be driven by an excess of births over deaths.

Source: UN (2022). World Population prospects 2022. Summary of results. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Population Division, pp. 20, 23.

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