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  1. Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites like ours plug in the memory of the computer, smartphone or tablet that you use to browse: they can serve various purposes, including saving your preferences, allowing you to purchase products from an e-commerce, recognize you when you return to the site.

On this site, we use technical cookies for two purposes only.

a) remember if we have already informed you of the existence of cookies (otherwise we would be obliged to remind you of their existence every time you read us)

b) remember if we have already proposed you to subscribe to our alert system (so as not to bother you with the same request every time)

Other information that may interest you

At the top and bottom of the posts there are the sharing buttons on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, in some cases, YouTube. All of these platforms save the data in the cloud on servers that can reside outside the EU and use their own cookies to recognize you, if you are browsing after being connected to your accounts; we have no agreements with any of them and we can not control how they use your data. For more information, please check their privacy policy using the links below:


We use Google Analytics to have, in anonymized form, the site usage statistics.

In your browser you can set your privacy preferences so as not to store cookies, delete them after each visit or whenever you close your browser, or even accept only cookies from and not those of third parties; there is also a service, Your Online Choices, which shows you what cookies install what services and how you can disable them, one by one.

  1. Alerts

Once a week we send out an alert to let you know that we have just published a new article.

To subscribe to this (free) service, you can use the popup mask that appears after a while when you are on our website, but also you can use the message form on the Contact page or that at the bottom of each of our posts. You will need to enter only your email and your first and last name

The newsletter is managed with ALO EasyMail Newsletter, a word press application, and your email address is stored on the word press server. When you sign up (or unsubscribe), we may receive a notification with your details on the email box, which is managed on webmailaruba.

ALO EasyMail, like any newsletter management platform, gives us information on who opens the newsletter and clicks on the links; we use this information in a collective form, to understand how popular we are. For your information: if you do not want anyone who sends you a newsletter to know that you have opened it, read the newsletter without downloading the images; if you do not want your clicks on the links of a newsletter to be tracked, copy the links, even better if the text-only version, and open them directly in the browser. is the data controller (references and contact details are provided at the bottom of each page); N-iussp does not give your email address to anyone else, for any reason (unless you give us permission to do so); you can stop receiving the newsletter at any time, through the link at the bottom of each message. N-iussp will continue to send you newsletters and posts until you close your subscription; in any case, we periodically check who has not been opening our messages for several months, and proceed to unsubscribe them (“”); this greatly reduces the risk that we continue to send emails that are of no interest to you.

If you unsubscribe, ALO EasyMail Newsletter keeps the data of the former subscribers in their own interest (they will NOT be re-included in the mailing list). However, if you want to permanently delete your data, please write to us and we will do it manually.

  1. Navigation on the site

To improve the quality of our service, we too, like millions of other site owners, are curious to know how many people read our site, how many pages are opened, where readers come from, and things like that.

To gather this information, we use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google. We have set up Google Analytics so that your IP address is anonymized, by resetting the last part of the address itself. The information on privacy and use of Google Analytics data is here.

The information generated by the Google Analytics cookie on your use of the website (including the first part of your IP address) is then transmitted to Google and stored on its servers in the United States. Google uses this information to track and examine the use of the site by visitors, and to provide these data, in aggregate form and never connected to your identity, through the reports of Analytics and its other information services (e.g. Google Trends).

Google may transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law or if it is a matter of subjects processing this information on its behalf.

If you do not want to be “traced”, even anonymously, from this or other sites that use Google Analytics (there are millions online …), you can download the add-on to disable the sending of navigation data to Google Analytics: it works with the most popular browsers, and it is distributed freely by Google.

To conclude

Thank you for reading this page. Niussp tries to use technology to inform people, and not to annoy them.